Soft Surfaces are a Breeding Ground for Contaminants

August 28th, 2017 by admin


Did you know that all sorts of teeny tiny critters love soft surfaces? Carpets and furniture are a breeding ground for all varieties of mites and molds, we spend the majority of our time when we are at home in or around our soft furnishings. The warmth and moisture of our bodies, and the natural process of losing dead skin cells provides food and a comfy environment for mites. These contaminants often aggravate respiratory problems in children and adults.

At JC Carpets we use environmentally friendly products to clean and sanitize carpets and upholstery, making the environment a little less friendly for uninvited mites. We can get your furniture and carpets back to neutral territory, and highly recommend vacuuming with a hepa filter and surface cleaning often to keep it that way. After an initial deep cleaning, its recommended that carpet and upholstery are cleaned regularly.

Contact us and we can work out a cleaning plan customized to your business or home.

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