Cleaning Away the Evidence

September 19th, 2017 by admin

Most families have come across mysterious markings on their upholstery. Appearing as if from nowhere, these strange symbols and images can be hard to decipher and remove.


Before you pull out the crime scene tape, make a list of suspects and start shopping for a replacement, call JC Carpets. It could have been an accident, or a toddler's idea of art - either way, we can spare you hours of scrubbing.


Our professionals will make a full assessment of the damages and determine the correct cleaning materials needed for the job. This involves testing the fabric and ensuring that it won't be further damaged, as our focus is on safely cleaning the upholstery. By working with JC Carpets, you're benefiting from decades of experience handling the toughest stains and strangest sofa drawings. Learn more today!

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